Monday, April 6, 2009

I was very upset right now.
I dropped my diamond necklace.
My 21st b'day gift frm dad.
It cost abt 1k.
How am i supposed to do???
I want the necklace back.
:'( ......... :'(

PS: I AM VERY UPSET WITH MYSELF FOR MY CARELESSNESS. The necklace will nv come back again. I lost 2 of my 21st birthday gifts alrdy.

- CANON digital camera misplaced by my cousin [$649]
- Now. MY DIAMOND NECKLACE. [$1000].


Got my permanent office access card today.
I didn't expect to get it so soon.
I email Nancy [Admin Dept] my photo only on Fri.
VERY EFFICIENT SERVICE frm the Corporate Security Dept.
Nancy sent on Fri and today she received the courier mail.

9:52 PM.


Born in 09 Feb 1985.
25yrs old.
Stand at 162cm.

My Likes
Cam whoring. Shopping. Dolling up. Sleeping. Travelling. Movies. KTV. Piglet. Ice-cream. Tidbits. Chocolate. Sushi. Green. Royal Blue. Black. White. Red. Lilys. White Roses. Red Roses.

I Crazeee Over...

Louis Vuitton. GUCCI. Tiffany & Co. Cartier.
Tag Heur.

Wish I keep to myself. =)


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